Monday 5th October 2020

Fitness video club for Mums

Recently we flexed our creative muscles to relaunch a fitness brand with a new website and look so that pregnant and postnatal mums can join Angela Jameson and stay Physically Fit!

Paul helped to create a brand new website for me with an online video membership and payment system. He is done such a great job, he is punctual, professional and has over delivered in his work. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Paul

Angela Jameson

Angela's business offers pilates lessons and fitness, advice and recovery tuition for women in Oxford. Coronavirus forced her to seek a new way to inspire her clients over video but her legacy website wasn't up to the job.

Parasola provided her with a new website which offered a premium membership club with on-demand video. For a monthly fee, her clients can access her library of exercise videos.

We helped categorise the videos by type, method, props required and duration to allow people to easily filter by their interest. Videos can be chained together to allow them to be in a series.

Our brief was to create a website that would inspire confidence in the brand and encourage people to pay to join the video membership club. We researched popular fitness and pilates websites and helped Angela to identify design elements which she thought would appeal to her clients. We partnered with Cairn Agency who designed a new logo and presented a new colour palette of teal, dark pink, greys and greens.

The name Physically Fit was problematic as it is not a unique phrase within search and so in itself is a very competitive keyword. We looked to improve this by associating the words pilates and mums with Angela's name. Fitness brands are often based around their founder, using their name and image. Angela hired a professional photographer to take images in her studio and we sourced complementary stock images which represented her main categories - pregnancy, pilates, postnatal and massage.

Regularly adding new engaging content is helpful for SEO if it is relevant to the services a business offers and is valuable content (it answers people's search questions). For this reason we created a blog page which introduces Angela, lists her recent posts and provide a easy to use contact form.

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