Monday 2nd March 2020

Setting SEO essentials in place for E-commerce

Oxford Pictures hired Parasola to tune their website content to give a boost to their Google Search rankings. Oxford Pictures supply the very best, beautiful framed prints by artists and photographers who are inspired by the views and buildings of Oxford, England. However their sales were in decline. Paul from Parasola met with Phil and Martin from Oxford Pictures and they quickly identified quick wins - product descriptions were too short, the homepage did not show the range of pictures available and the site's meta description was not appealing enough on Google.

Audience Research and Keywords

The first question we put to Martin and Phil was who are the key customers they want to attract? They identified tourists, summer schools, conferences, graduation gifts, Oxford alumni and leaving present gifts. The text on the website provided information about framing and product listings but didn't attempt to help answer questions that these people might have and be searching for. We also looked at who Oxford Pictures' competitors in Google Search are and what keywords they were targeting. We set up a blog to allow them to create helpful landing pages for these audiences.

Getting technical with SEO

Technical SEO is setting up a website so that it can be easily read and understood by search engines. We configured Oxford Pictures to generate meta tags based on the text and give real time feedback on the quality of content. Because any of the product pages could be a landing page for visitors, most of our activity was to edit product descriptions to be more focused on describing what is shown in the image and to introduce the artist. We also enhanced the product headings to better match how we believe people are searching and to make the listing on Google more appealing. We made many other behind-the-scenes changes to improve the speed and security of the site.

Handover and advice

Parasola provided a list of recommendations to Oxford Pictures of top things to further improve their SEO. This includes customer reviews, quality backlinks from complementary websites with high domain authority and creating targeted landing pages. Our team of writers and designers hope to work with Oxford Pictures in the future and are eager to see how these initial SEO changes will enhance their search engine rankings and most importantly, their sales figures.

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