Monday 22nd February 2021

Sprucing up Timberstore

Congratulations to Cairn Agency for designing and developing a stunning new theme for Timberstore's ecommerce shop. We pleased to provide additional Project Management resource, hosting progress calls and liaising with developers and to help see the new website go live this week.

But with many projects over the last year, coronavirus had an impact but not in the way you might expect. Timberstore, along with other DIY retail shops experienced a surge in sales as people made the most of being stuck at home to work on home improvement projects. We put the project on hold for nearly a year until the quieter winter months.

The previous WordPress theme had reached end of live and was no long performing well for Timberstore. Phil Gordon at Cairn Agency created a new, contemporary design that had more appeal and was easier to use.

New top menu presents quick access to popular Timber products

We helped Timberstore to introduce variable timber products - those with attributes such as length or colour which customers can adjust. The UI design used toggle buttons to enable users to quickly tailor their choice rather than searching for timber product of the right dimensions - a much improved experience!

Variable timber products with toggle buttons

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